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Dr. Ebrahim Kasenally
Member of the Investment Committee

Ebrahim is Member of the Investment Committee and Portfolio Manager of European and Global Advisers since 2023.

Ebrahim is a Co-Founder and Head of Research at C8-Technologies. Ebrahim has been focused on all aspects of Systematic strategy development across all time frames and asset classes for over 25 years. Instrumental in building out C8's portfolio construction, index tracking, index replication, and the management of bespoke programs, including C8's FX hedging tools and several high-capacity risk premia systems.

Previously, Ebrahim held the position of Co-Chief Investment Officer for the Duet CTA Fund, overseeing research and trading. Ebrahim was a Partner and Senior Researcher in the Systematic Trading Group at BlueCrest Capital Management, focused on the core daily futures programs as well as low-capacity intraday strategies in equities and futures.

After leaving academia, Ebrahim served as a quantitative analyst at Archer Daniels Midland Investor Services (ADMIS), Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC) and Bank of America (BofA).

Ebrahim holds a Doctorate and a Masters in Control Theory from Imperial college, University of London.