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Plurima Mosaico Fund

A multi asset, multi strategy approach to reach capital appreciation in the medium to long term

Ireland Italy Switzerland

Why Plurima Mosaico Fund?

Key Facts

As of 2024-05-21

Fund info

Launch Date Fund2017-12-18
Fund Net Assets10,441,157.38
Fund Base CurrencyEUR
SFDR ClassificationArticle 8

Class Info

NAV per Unit101.988
Launch Date Class2017-12-18
Fund Class Net Assets656317.35
Fund Class CurrencyEUR


Management Fees 1.80%
Ongoing Charges 2.82%
Maximum Initial charge -
Maximum Exit Fee 2%
Performance Fee 10.00%

General Info

Fund TypeIrish domiciled UCITS Unit Trust (a Sub-Fund of PLURIMA Funds UCITS umbrella unit trust)
Portfolio ManagerEuropean and Global Advisers LLP
Management CompanyEuropean & Global Investments Ltd
TrusteeCACEIS Investor Services Bank S.A., Dublin Branch
Administrator, registrar, transfer agentCACEIS Investor Services Ireland Limited
Auditor Deloitte & Touche

Dealing & Subscriptions

Minimum Investment Amount EUR 1,000
Use of Income Accumulation
Distribution Countries IE, IT, CH
Settlement for Subs/Reds T+3
Cut-off time for Subs/Reds 12 pm (Irish time)
Bloomberg Ticker PLUMOAR ID
For any subscription or redemption, please see the Application Form.